Make More Money on eBay With Cross Promotion

Cross promotion entails promoting other items you have for sale to help you make even more money on your eBay auctions. This works best if the items are related. For example, if you’re selling shoes, it would be a good idea to cross promote shoelaces, shoehorns, socks, and so forth.

But in addition to the more obvious reasons for cross promoting, there are other, less obvious reasons as well.

If a visitor to your webpage actually clicked into your listing by accident, or finds that the item you’re selling isn’t quite what they are looking for, you want to take the opportunity to offer what it is that they actually want.

Placing In-Description Links

Never forget to cross promote other items that you are selling. I recommend placing a link at the top of your listings. Perhaps something like “check out my other items to complete your collection” which links to your auctions page.

To create clickable links, you’ll need to learn some basic HTML (the programming language used to create web pages). Use the following URL to link to your “Items for Sale by…” page:[your_user_id]

Replace [your_user_id] with, of course, your eBay user ID.

If you have an eBay Store, then it is better to link to it instead with this URL:

Replace “Your-Store-Name” with the name of your eBay Store. Just as in the example, replace spaces in your store name with hyphens, keeping in mind that it is case sensitive. “your-store-name” will not link to the same place as “Your-Store-Name”.

Having a link at the top to your other auctions or eBay Store lets buyers know right away that you have more to offer. This is important both for buyers that accidentally clicked into your auction (chances are that if they’re not looking for what’s in your specific auction, they’re probably looking for something similar) as well as buyers that are looking specifically for what you have.

You can also take advantage of a little “viral” marketing technique by adding a “send this to a friend” link. To add a link that will allow visitors to email a link of your auction listing to friends, use this URL:[itemnumber]

As you may have guessed you’ll want to replace “[itemnumber]” with the actual item number of your listing.

Cross promotion is used by all successful sellers. Next time you walk into a shoe store and buy a new pair of shoes, chances are the salesman will remind you that you need several other accessories to go with your new pair of shoes.

You should be doing the same thing, which is why you cross-promote.

Save your Time & Money with Online Grocery Shopping

online best shopping

Technology is making life easy and smooth in many ways. It is the internet that is allowing people to set back and get the shopping done online. Among all the household items the item that is mostly required is grocery. This section of shopping includes tea, coffee, milk, bread, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and many more. This section of shopping is the most important one. The grocery items have to be fresh as the health of the family is directly related. The freshness of these items should be checked before buying. It is food that provides us with energy and strength to carry out our daily routine work. But most of us face difficulty in finding out time to go to the shop and buy groceries.

Online shopping is the solution to this problem. You can buy the grocery items directly from the online shopping stores. There are lots of advantages associated with online shopping. Online shopping save time and money and most importantly it has the facility of home delivery. As most of us have access to internet either via mobiles or computers this shopping type can be easily adopted. You would only need to search for the sites offering fresh grocery with best deals.

Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

* Stay at House- The biggest advantage of online shopping is that you need not to move out of house for the shopping purpose. You can purchase the items of groceries at the comfort of your house.

* Anytime Shopping- All the online shopping sites are accessible 24/7. Hence, there is nothing to worry if you are late to move out of office. You can still buy the items required for household from the online shopping stores.

* Anywhere Shopping- For buying online grocery your location does not matter. The only thing that matters is internet access. With the use of internet you can buy all the items that you need even if you are at the office busy with office work.

* Easy Shopping- Online shopping is the most convenient option of shopping nowadays as people face time crunch. It is the easiest type of shopping if you know the way of doing the shopping.

* Discounts- There is online shopping sites where you can avail discounts. This is really a great advantage that online shopping provide to the buyers.

* Home Delivery- Generally, the shopping of these items become heavy when taken together. The advantage of grocery shopping online is that you get the home delivery. You would only mention your shipping address and the items that you have bought from the online stores will be delivered to your place.

People who do Online Grocery Shopping

* Office Goers- The online shopping is very convenient for the office goers as they have a tight schedule the whole day. As grocery shopping online can be done at anytime and from anywhere it becomes convenient for the office goers.

* Elderly People- The online shopping are equally convenient for the elderly people as they face difficulty in moving out of home and carry the bags. The home delivery option available with online shopping suits the elderly people the most.

Bargain Shopping And How To Find Those Special Deals That Save You Money

bargain shopping

In this day and age that we live in, it is important to save money where ever you can and one of the ways we can do this is by bargain shopping. There are hundreds of companies out there trying to convince you to shop with them by offering discounts and sales on their products. You also get lots of circulars from big chain stores with discount coupons that can save you money. It can be a lot of hard work finding all this bargain shopping but it is all worth it in the end. You can find these special deals by looking for time limited special offers, web-based special deals and a whole lot more.

So how do we go about finding these bargain shopping deals? Well, first of all you have to be prepared to break your normal shopping habits. One thing that you will need to give up on is brand loyalty when making your purchases. A lot of the times you can find the same items at ten and twenty percent cheaper rates than your normal brand by just switching brands. The other thing that you need to do when trying to find bargain shopping is to be prepared to look around a lot more and you are sure to find some bargains.

Although it might seem like hard work finding these bargains but this does not always have to be the case because there are particular shopping deals which are not that hard to find. When it comes to bargain shopping, finding cheap groceries is always quite easy. The reason for this is that the grocery stores have to get rid of a lot of their stuff before the sell by date. If you go into any grocery store, just before closing time, you will find a lot of things which are reduced to clear and this is where you can pick up a lot bargains, especially on fruit and vegetables. So by being a little more flexible, you will be able to find lots of special deals.

The other place to go for bargain hunting is the internet. Bargain shopping has become even easier with online shopping and the best thing about this is that you can do so from the comfort of your own home. By just searching around the web, you can find a lot of smart bargains quite easily. As always, you need to be a little careful when you buy from the internet but there are some safeguards that you can use to make your internet shopping a lot safer. One simple way of doing this is to buy from reputed dealers and from the online wings of big supermarket chains.

So by putting in a little more effort and breaking away from your normal shopping habits, you can find a lot of bargain shopping and save yourself a lot of money in the bargain.

Enjoy Online Shopping Deals and Save Money

internet shopping deals

Everyone connect with internet for their own purpose. There online shopping is growing day by day. There thousand million people who know the internet, also know about online shopping. There are smaller online business grow up on the World Wide Web on few day or month. If they have knowledge of internet and marketing, then they will grow their business otherwise fail. There people grow up there online marketing and make money. Why online marketing grow day by day?

There have a simple answer; people have no time to go local mall or market. They know how to use the internet. Today, internet provides everything and anything that you can think. Most of people prefer online shopping which easy or time save. People save their time and they can do without the hassle of fighting traffic and searching for a parking space for their car.

On the online shopping deals, there are many sites offer coupon, discount coupon and promotional coupon. When any person searching for coupon on internet, they get, it already expired. It can be very frustrating at that time. So these sites can update their information daily.

Shopping websites that provide the list of online store, they must update their information related to the store. There are some websites that offer you local deal, coupon and promotion very easily. Just create a deal according to customer requirement and posted a valuable offer. There are many sites that offer various online coupon daily deals on the internet.

Now you can find them to save money from clothes, groceries, electronic gadgets and appliances, medicines and even services like printing. Discount coupon services can save your money or time. The key is in knowing where to find these discount offers and how to use them to your advantage.

On the hand, to promote their online shopping site, they offer free discount coupons for online shopping. When your customer visit at your sites, it mean your website give him/her best experience of their service. Due to this services/experience will force to come back on your online business.

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