Warning signs that mean cheap shopping websites are frauds

cheap shopping

If you fail to notice the warning signs that shopping websites give out simply by the way they are designed, or have too many questions to be answered before completing a sales, you might be digging your own grave. With online shopping so popular today, so many online shopping websites of India have had to ‘UP’ their standards in order to be called the best. And with so many best websites for online shopping that will safeguard your interests, create safe payment portals and ensure quick and efficient delivery, why should you settle for any lesser?

Here are some warming signs that cheap shopping websites will often give to you; and if you have your eyes and ears open while shopping online you should be able to notice them immediately and take your business to some other websites that has a higher standard. Some of these websites of online shopping look like ordinary websites, but in reality they are credit card harvesting schemes which have been designed to simply part with your money. So look out for these warning signs when trying new shopping websites:

Sign # 1 – At some online websites for shopping, everything will seem to be on sale. Now think for a moment, can that really be true? It cannot; which is why if a deal seems to be too tempting you should log on to Google, research the real price for the product and see if these shopping websites are really giving you a discount. If you cannot find the exact product, look for something similar in design and features to get a rough idea of what the estimated price should be. The only way to explain this phenomena would be that the website has increased the retail price for the product and then slashed it down to make it look like a discount, when in reality the product will not be worth even the final selling amount.

Sign # 2 – Some cheap shopping websites don’t just have cheap products, they look cheap too. And by that we mean they have shoddy design and bad quality of written content with lots of spelling mistakes and an amateurish presentation. This is because if these online shopping websites of India have been designed to only part you with your money in exchange of some useless products, so why will they spend money on website designing, content quality and better presentation.

Sign # 3 – Partial or no return policies are a sign of cheap shopping websites that aren’t worth your time or money. If the shopping websites you shop at don’t offer returns on all the good they sell, they are trying something sly. It’s understandable that return is not offered at personal care products – undergarments or toiletries that have been opened should also not be returned to refund the amount, but what about other stuff? What if the product is damaged on arrival, or doesn’t match its description or is otherwise unsatisfactory? Don’t buy from shopping websites in India that do not offer return policies on all their products.

Sign # 4 – No contact information on the contact page of the shopping websites? It’s a clear indication that these are not online shopping websites of India that can be trusted, so it’s best to log out.