The Eehilarating MyShoppingGenie Simplifies Walmart Online Shopping

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There is an application available that will change the way people shop online. MyShoppingGenie has designed a way to save time and effort when surfing the web looking for ways to save money. Simply type in the name of the item wanted in Bing or any other search engine and let the genie do the work. It can even simplify the Walmart online shopping experience which is already relatively simple.

While there is a certain pleasure to be found in the whole shopping experience, there is possibly even more pleasure in not spending hours doing it. Think about the freedom of being able to buy those concert tickets and still have time and money to go out to dinner with the family.

Just think of the possibilities here. The excitement on the faces of friends and family when they open that hard to find, normally expensive package. This application not only finds all the items searched for and puts them in one place so that there is less of a chance of missing the opportunity to buy what is wanted but it also locates money saving coupons on many items. With savings like that the user could buy that awesome purse AND the new silver for the kitchen.

There is no spam, adware, or spyware attached to the program. That means no annoying computer viruses tagging along and slowing up the users system. In addition the user’s personal information is not stored or shared with anyone.

So how does it work? Just type the item being searched for into the search engine and an icon will come up showing that the application is searching for that item. A purse, towel set, kitchen ware, clothes, whatever it is the genie will find the retailers who have it and provide a link to the item.

Sounds great doesn’t it? The only thing that might make it better is the fact that it is completely free. The only money users have to spend is the money they use to buy their item. Just the thought of not having to get out a magnifying glass to read the fine print or look for the catch is enough to make many people smile. All the user has to worry about is shopping.

Think it can’t get any better? Well think again. This product is available for purchase and distribution among the masses and once a user buys it they get paid for others to shop, when they distribute the shopping genie..

This simply means that a person purchases the right to be a distributor of the application and is provided with a website containing links to the genie and other retailers. Whenever a person is on the distributors website and clicks on one of the available links on that page the owners of the program pay the distributor a small monetary amount.

Sounds pretty good right? Here is a chance to not only earn an income of sorts but to save money while shopping for things that were needed or wanted even without the savings. There are no restrictions on who can use this product, it is available to everyone and will save time as well as money when used.

To summarize and simplify this information MyShoppingGenie saves a person money while they do their Walmart online shopping, something they already planned on doing without the chance for savings. It also offers an opportunity to earn money on other peoples web browsing, is completely safe to use, and does not involve coupons or sales ads. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. To get your free genie, simply click on the link below where it says ‘MyShoppingGenie’.